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Girl Friends Jerk Neighbor Off During Truth Or Dare
August 8th, 2007
     My best friend and roomate Helena had just come home and I was psyched to see her. I hadn't seen her in a while because she'd been out camping, whereas I had to stay home because of work. She told me she had a great time, met a guy and had a little sexy rendevous with him. I told her about the handsome guy who'd just moved in three doors down from my place not very long before Helena went off for her vacation. Helena said that she'd chit chatted with him on a couple of occassions very casually and thought he was a pretty nice guy.
His name was Troy and she grabbed his number before she left on vacation. I told her I had a huge crush on him and confessed to her that sometimes I'd walk around my living room buck ass naked just in case he peeps in. Helena giggled hysterically and suggested we call him over to my place to break the ice. I was really nervous about the idea, but too eager to let it bother me. So Helena grabbed the cell and dialed his number. I sat looking at Helena with an excited grin, waiting for him to answer. When he finally did, Helena invited him over to hang out with us. "Yeah, it's just me and Amira." She told him. I reminded her to let him know the front door would be open to walk into. And just like that, he accepted and she closed to the phone. I was so fucking stoked that this guy was coming over. "You can have him." Helena generously offered. She was my best friend, so I was feeling just as generous. "Well, maybe we could fondle him a little." I told her. Helena liked the idea and we both anxiously awaited his arrival. It wasn't long before we heard a man's voice. "Hello" We both turned our heads to see Troy entering the living room. "Oh hey, Troy!" We both greeted. I immediately stood up to let him have my seat, and sat on it's arm chair as he replaced where I had been. I was so turned on by his presence, I couldn't help but want to run my fingers through his hair. So I boldly swiped off his cap and toyed with his hair, noting how much I liked it.
Helena laughed at my sudden bold move and Troy smirked in surprise. We talked about how our summers were and talked about what we did. Troy told us he'd just been doing some gardening in the backyard and actually admitted that he caught a glimpse of me nude!! I blushed and was turned on when Troy called me a hottie, running his eyes up and down my body, lightly brushing his hand over my thigh. "So.. you wanna play a game?" Helena coyly asked? "Sure what's, that?" Troy asked to which Helena responded, "Truth Or Dare." Mmm.. this could definitely be interesting, I thought. Helena dared Troy to take off his shirt. He didn't hesitate to peel it off for us, exposing his lean chest. It was Troy's turn and I could tell from the bulge in his summer shorts that he was really turned on. "I dare you to.. play with my crotch." That was music to my ears. "Both of us?" Helena asked. "Sure." He replied. Our hands ran over the fabric of his shorts,
Helena and I ran our tongues and mouths over his bulge over the fabric before asking him to take them off. I grabbed his shaft and let my saliva spill all over his cock head before using it as lubrication. My palm gripped his cock and I stroked him up and down. His cock throbbing in my hands. Helena then took over and I scooted up to make out with him as she played with his dick. Both of us took his cock into our hands and jerked it as we sucked on his pierced nipples. His cock was getting a really good tugging and it wasn't long until he was getting really worked up, practically squirming in his seat. Troy dared us to kiss each other while we jerked him off, so Helena and I tongue wrestled passionately for him, sucking on each other's lips and tongues as we moaned in pleasure. His cock was spasming so we jerked him off quicker and firmer, his hips lifting off the seat and his balls stiffening. His load shot out nice and thick. Troy sat back and composed himself as we giggled in contentment. "So.. will you go out with Amira?" Helena asked. "Of course." He responded before he and I locked lips and tasted each other's tongues.
August 15th, 2007

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Girl Friends Jerk Neighbor Off During Truth Or Dare
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