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Guy Gets Caught Sniffing Female Roomates Panties
February 26th, 2007
    I will never forget my first pizza delivery. It was my first day on the job and I was delivering a thin crust medium pizza with mushrooms.  I arrived at the house, greeted the girl at the door and was led to a living room.  "Hey did you guys order a pizza?" I asked. "Yes we did. Thank you for being prompt." A beautiful brunette answered.  There were three girls there. One had long dark hair, another had short blonde their and the third was a hot shy babe sitting on the couch. The other  two girls left to grab their purse for payment when the shy girl gasped while looking at the pizza. "There are mushrooms in the pizza!" She cried. "Guys, I can't eat this! I'm allergic to mushrooms!" Her girlfriends
heard her and came in upset. "We specifically said no mushrooms!" They scolded me. I had no idea that she was allergic to mushrooms. I felt pretty bad. " It's my first day! My boss will kill me if I don't get paid. I'm really sorry guys, what do you want me to do?" I pleaded. The girls were giving me the stare down, when all of a sudden the blonde chick whispered something into the brunette chick's ear. "You'll earn your money." They said coyly. I wasn't sure what that meant. You could imagine my surprise when they yelled, "STRIP!". I couldn't do that! What were they thinking! "I have a girlfriend." I started to explain. "Who gives a fuck? Is she here?" The brunette scoffed. I was in a pickle. I needed that money or else I'd lose my job. They continued to taunt me and demand me to strip so much, that I decided to give in out of desperation. I peeled off my shirt, jeans and boxers for them, completely exposed and vulnerable to their wishes.

 "Now what?" I asked. "Come closer... we're not gonna bite." The brunette urged me. I stepped just a little closer, unsure of their intentions and that's when she did it. She grabbed a hold of my cock shaft and started stroking it up and down. Her girlfriends began giggling and drinking more wine. They sat and watched as she played with my growing dick.  "Entertain us! Come on! Wooo!" They shouted while waving a big wad of cash in their hands. I pleaded with them but there was no way they were going to let me get off that easily. She continued to jerk my cock until the blonde said, "So, you gonna hog that thing all night or what?" The dark haired girl agreed to switch places. So the blonde girl came to me with lust in her eyes, spitting on her hand before lubing up my cock with her saliva drenched hand. The girls leaned in for a closer look. "I'll bet you're glad you screwed up that order, huh?" One of them asked.

 "My girlfriend will kill me if she finds out..." I nervously answered. They didn't like that answer as they angrily shouted, "Who gives a FUCK about your girlfriend?!" I decided from then on it'd be best to keep my mouth shut and let them finish what they've started. The blonde girl was really good at jerking cock. Her fingertips were so skillful as she cupped my balls and delicately touched all the ridges and crevices of my aching groin. The girl who was allergic to the mushrooms was biting her lip, lusting after my hard cock. Her girlfriends noticed her interest and suggested that she take her turn jerking me off. At first she was hesitant, as I'm assuming she's never done this sort of thing before. But after some encouragement she, timidly reached out for my cock. Her girlfriends convinced her to be more aggressive with me, so she milked me faster and firmer. Steadily her confidence increased and she was just going at it like a pro. My cock was engorged with blood and throbbing quicker and quicker. These girls were turning me on and I let myself succumb to the moment. My whole body was shaking, I couldn't take it any longer. My load shot out all over t-shirt, splattering on her big breasts. They cheered me on as the last drops of cum fell from my cock head. I struggled to catch my breath. So, I guess it didn't turn out as bad as I expected.  Not only did they pay for the pizza, but they also gave me a $40 dollar tip! What a day. "Alright, thanks ladies!" I cheerfully exclaimed as I made my way out of their house.

August 15th, 2007

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